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Booster Classes

Booster Classes

Booster Classes


Sign up for both Maths and English groups to get a discounted rate!


Booster Classes

Booster Classes


11+ and 13+

Booster Classes

11+ and 13+


Maths and English Booster Classes


Building a strong foundation

We recognise the importance of having a secure understanding and grounding in maths and english as  numeracy and literacy skills form the foundation from which all other learning takes place. Early intervention can have a significant lasting impact on schooling.

Maths and English groups

Our Maths and English booster groups are small, ensuring your child gets quality time and attention from our experienced primary teachers. Students are split according to their ability/ year group to ensure that can easily access the topics and are neither bored nor overwhelmed.

Our booster classes are ideal for students from Years 2 to 6. Our Year 6 booster groups incorporate SATS preparation into the lessons.


If your child joins both Maths and English groups, we'll give you a discount on your bill.

SATS Preparation


SATS can be a daunting time for students and parents alike. As well as covering the necessary content, our classes are designed to give your child a confidence boost and greater security in their ability to work with numbers and conquer spelling and grammar.

Our experienced Primary teachers deliver the lessons in a fun and engaging way to ensure maximum enrichment of your child's education and steady progress. From year 4 to 6, we prepare our students with exam style questions, building and extending a strong literacy and numeracy foundation.

11+ and 13+ Common Entrance Tests


Get ahead

We understand that students preparing to write their common entrance 11+ and 13+ tests face an extremely competitive market. The majority of students we meet struggle to access the text questions in a limited time frame - a potential stumbling block for even the brightest candidates.

Expect excellence

 We offer bespoke, highly focused sessions that give students the exam technique skills they require to succeed. Verbal and non-verbal reasoning preparation is another key component of our intensive sessions for 11+ and 13+ , enabling students to feel more confident on test day. Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge and are familiar with all of the major schools in the Hertfordshire and North London area.