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Free Trial Lesson *Limited Offer*

Get a free trial lesson* for a limited time in 2020 - open to both new and existing students. *Existing groups only.

Free Assessment *Limited Offer*

Get your assessment for free when you sign-up for lessons. Limited time only. 

KS2 Subject Combo

If your child joins both our Maths and English groups, we'll give you a combo discount on your half-termly bill.

Referral Cash Back

Get a cash back reward on your account by referring a friend (subject to the referred and referring clients enrolling for and completing 1 full term). 

Early Bird Revision Bookings

Book and pay for one of our intensive revision sessions before a specified date to get a discounted rate. 

Multi Subject Discount

Students who do 3 or more subjects may be entitled to a discounted hourly rate