We are still accepting some private candidates for exams. All tuition is now online.


Maintaining a sense of normaility

During this time of uncertainty, many students may find it difficult to establish a routine and keep up with their schooling while at home. Our own day-time students have found the transition to online lessons has helped them to maintain a sense of normality amid the many changes they and their families are facing.

New obstacles to overcome

 As both teachers and parents ourselves, we realise that parents are facing major obstacles, some of which include: 

  • Balancing your own work with overseeing your child’s school work (whether you are working from home or not),
  • Establishing a home-schooling routine,
  • Knowing how to teach or explain topics that have been assigned,
  • Fulfilling both the role of ‘parent’ and ‘teacher’,
  • Keeping your child motivated, and 
  • Ensuring their learning does not stagnate.

A way forward

 Our online learning programmes have already yielded positive results. Aside from a routine, parents have reported feeling secure in the knowledge that their child’s progress will continue on an upward trend. 

Online Learning Packages

Maximum group size of 20 per class. Refundable deposit of £100 to secure bookings.